Phrasal verbs are very common when we are speaking English. They can enrich our dialogue. Also, they’re very easy. Check it out!

Phrasal verbs are the combination between a verb + one or two prepositions. Think of the verb “give”, that has the meaning of handing something to another person, like a gift. If I say “give up”, it has a completely different meaning:

Give up → no longer participate in something.

Some more examples:

Work out → to exercise.
Look up to → to be inspired by someone, to admire someone.
Find out → discover.
Call off → cancel.
Drop out → quit.

You can also use a phrasal verb to tone down what you are saying. Like so:

Pass away → a respectful and caring way to say “to die”.

Like I said, phrasal verbs are pretty common when we are speaking. But, if you are writing something more formal, try using corresponding verbs.
I hope you enjoyed this class. If so, send it to a friend who also wants to learn English.

See you next class!


Paula Gabriela