I bet you’ve already seen some words that end with “-ED”. And, if you heard those words, perhaps you noticed that the pronunciation of the “-ED” is different depending on what word it is.
So, how do I pronounce the “-ED” at the end of a word? Let’s find out!

One of the ways to know that is to pay attention to your vocal cords and to the letters that come before “-ED”: Do they make your vocal cords vibrate or not?

If your vocal cords vibrate, → -ED must sound like a “d”. Say it after me:

Sobbed. Traveled.
If your vocal cords don’t vibrate, → -ED must sound like a “t”. Let’s try it!

Liked. Practiced.
If the word has the “t” or “d” sounds already, → -ED must sound like “ed”. Like so:

Wanted. Crowded.
And, of course, we have some exceptions to these rules, like “jagged”, “crooked”, and “beloved”.

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See you in the next one!

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