Do you get excited before a holiday? Let’s check out this conversation about future plans involving a holiday to learn more about invitations. Enjoy this quick lesson with Kally, teacher from Fluency Academy!

The Dialogue:

Lucas: Hey Anne! How’s it going?
Anne: Hey Lucas! I’m pretty good. Do you have any plans for Thursday?
Lucas: Well, I have to work.
Anne: No, you don’t. It’s a bank holiday!
Lucas: It is? Oh, that’s awesome!
Anne: I was thinking… Since we’re not working, I’m going to the beach. Would you like to join me?
Lucas: Yeah, I’d love to!

Vocabulary Expansion:

Pretty good

Asking questions like “how are you?” or “how’s it going?” is a big part of daily life, it’s something we do almost every day. So, it’s natural that we have to answer that question too, check out some common ways you can say that you are well, that you are ok:

I’m pretty good.
I’m doing well.
I’m good.
Not bad.
Not too bad.
I’m great!
I’m alright.

Do you have any plans?

Before making plans with someone, it’s important to know if they are free on that day, right? You can ask about “the weekend” or “next Saturday” or “on the 15th of July”, whatever date you want to know about, but the question can come in different forms, so let’s take a look:

Do you have any plans for Thursday?
Are you doing anything this weekend?
What are your plans for the holiday?

Would you like to join me?

Invitations can come in all forms, and here in the dialogue Anne said what her plan was, and then made the invitation to Lucas with the question “would you like to join me?”, which is a common option, but here are some other possible forms of invitation:

Would you like to join me at the beach?
Do you want to come to the movies with me on Friday?
You should join us this weekend!

We hope this content was helpful and that you enjoyed the episode! Don’t forget that you can listen to it as many times as you want and that the more you practice, the more confident you will feel. See you next time!


Kally Higgins


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