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About Fluency

We are a language school unlike anything you’ve seen before! Fluency Academy was born with the mission to transform the communication barrier into a bridge for unlocking new experiences!

We began our journey as an online English course in 2017, and today, through the Fluency Hacking Method, our unique teaching method, more than 300,000 students have achieved fluency in languages.

Here at Fluency, you’ll learn through practical classes focused on real-life English usage, an app with the best language memorization technology, our own platform and methodology for conversation classes, personalized study schedules, and a team of study experts to assist you!

Are you ready to embark on this journey together?

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At Fluency, you have access to 8 complete language courses: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.

And all of our courses follow the Fluency Hacking Method, the exclusive method of Fluency focused on practice and on developing the 4 necessary skills to achieve fluency in any language: writing, reading, listening, and speaking!

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The Fluency Hacking Method is a system designed to help people learn languages quickly and efficiently. It is based on techniques of comprehension, repetition, and intensive practice to develop communication skills in a new language. The method emphasizes constant exposure to the target language.

The 4 steps of the Method are: the Challenge, the Bridge, the Big Leap, and the Magic!

The Challenge: here you will come into contact with the content for the first time and understand the purpose of this study. It’s time to challenge yourself!

The Bridge: in this step, we will build a solid foundation in English, and transform the challenge into knowledge.

The Big Leap: this is the moment when you realize your progress and that the gap that existed between you and English no longer exists!

The Magic: now is the time to practice and review all the content that has been taught and put it into practice in daily life.

To achieve fluency, students need to follow a study routine, watch recorded lessons, carry out the proposed practices, practice on the Memhack memorization app, and take conversation classes.

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About the Courses

Our courses are designed for those who:

  • Have never studied before but wish to take the first step and learn;
  • Have studied and know some things, but feel they haven’t progressed as they would like;
  • Can understand well enough, but freeze up when it comes to speaking with others;
  • Communicate well, but want to improve and achieve fluency.
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Yes! The Fluency class schedule is adaptable to your routine. The course consists of 24 modules and you will start your studies following the fastest learning calendar: the 7-month one. However, we understand that sometimes your schedule can be very busy, so if you prefer to proceed at a different pace, you can simply request to change the schedule to 9 or 12 months.

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Yes, after completing the regular course schedule, the student can request a certificate. However, please note that the certificate will only be issued if the student has completed at least 75% of all required activities.

Certificates are just documents and do not guarantee a positive outcome from your course experience. The most important thing is your dedication in the classes, having a study routine, and practicing regularly.

Your progress will be evident! Just to clarify, the certificates that are valid for studies outside of Brazil, such as in a master’s program for example, or even for participating in selection processes abroad, are the major proficiency exams like Cambridge and TOEFL.

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You have an unconditional guarantee to test the course and the platform for 7 consecutive days from the date of purchase. If you feel it’s not for you, we will refund 100% of your investment without any hassle.

We also have a progress guarantee. If you strictly follow the regular study schedule, completing all the proposed activities, but feel that your English has not improved, we will refund 100% of your investment plus an additional R$ 600 from our own pocket to compensate for your invested time.

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Yes, every week! In addition to all the pre-recorded classes made with the utmost care and quality, every week we prepare very special classes for you!

These are live classes where you can ask questions, deepen your knowledge on some content, or even review a more complex topic that was not clear during the asynchronous/recorded class.

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You will have 12 months of access to the course, and if necessary, you can renew your enrollment.

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There is no specific age requirement. The important thing is that, if it’s a child, they are old enough to keep up with the studies, and have someone to help them access the content within the platform. And of course, practice regularly.

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All classes are recorded and will be available as long as you have access to the course! So you don’t have to worry about a fixed schedule, as the course is flexible to each individual’s routine.

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About Memhack

Fluency has developed its own Spaced Repetition Software, Memhack! With our integrated memorization app, you’ll remember everything you’ve studied and accelerate your learning by 5 times, all in a practical way and always available at your fingertips.

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As you progress through the course, you gain access to “decks” of study cards containing various phrases related to the course content. These cards have written and audio-recorded phrases. Using the app, you read and listen to the phrases and then try to translate them. When you flip each card, you check the translation and indicate how difficult it was to remember the phrase. The SRS technique uses the student’s difficulty in translation and the card’s past study history to determine when the student should study it again.

With this technique, you have in your pocket a daily study guide specialized in language teaching and adapted to your personal history. Every day you will find new cards to study according to your difficulty level. The app also allows for offline studies and presents statistics and graphs of the student’s history! Thus, Memhack is a great ally in your study routine.

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About Yowza

Yowza is our conversation course with specialized teachers trained by Fluency Academy, all based on our own methodology designed for both beginners and those who have had some contact with English and want to practice speaking!

During your journey with us, you’ll receive instant feedback on your pronunciation and speech, with points for improvement and suggestions for further practice, as well as extra material to study before and after class.

And there’s more: you choose the themes of your classes – from travel and business to culture and lifestyle. This way, you develop conversation skills in the subjects you enjoy most! And if you’ve never had contact with the language before, we have the Starter course for you to take the first steps.

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Upon joining this exclusive class, you already received 1 free month of conversation classes through our Yowza platform, where you will have access to 2 weekly group classes of up to 6 people, each lasting 60 minutes.

By taking the next step and securing this special offer, you will have, in the first month, 4 group conversation classes per week. In the following months, you will have 2 conversation classes per week, in groups of up to 6 people, each lasting 60 minutes for 12 months to practice your speech. That’s a total of 104 classes to accelerate your learning and speak English with more confidence!

Remember that credits are not cumulative, so classes must be scheduled weekly to ensure consistency in your conversational progress and make the most of each class.

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In Yowza, all classes follow our exclusive methodology, developed and tested by our team, called the 8/4 Methodology.

Each class starts with an ice-breaker (4 minutes of introductions and presentations), followed by 3 conversation blocks.

Each block has a conversation time (8 minutes), followed by a feedback time (4 minutes), where you and the teacher will have space to review what was discussed, with necessary corrections, questions, and even tips!

Note: The timing of the blocks is different for group classes that last 60 minutes.

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Of course! There are over 100 teachers available on our platform and, to facilitate your choice, each teacher’s profile includes a description they’ve written and reviews from previous classes.

And you can also see each teacher’s attributes, which are skills, characteristics, and interests, such as: “Great for intermediates,” “Grammar King,” “Geek,” “Experience with exchange programs,” among many others. Each class can be with a different teacher; you choose!

The Yowza platform allows teachers to adjust the classes, taking into account your preferences and difficulties, so that teaching becomes increasingly personalized and you can make the most of each class.

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Yes, we do! We especially recommend them for those who are at an intermediate or advanced level and wish to practice conversation with a native speaker, providing a unique learning experience!

However, most of our teachers are Brazilian because, after talking to our own students, we found that those who were just starting or had never studied English before felt much more comfortable taking their first steps with a Brazilian teacher fluent in English.

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During your journey with Yowza, you will have very close contact with the teacher, who will provide you with feedback, tips, and points that can be worked on in future classes.

The classes will follow the supporting material provided, and if you feel the need, you can retake the class using the studied material.

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Yes, there is! All Yowza classes are supported by exclusive educational material, developed by our team of teachers.

This material will be available within the platform, and you can access it before, during, and after class, seeing all the content covered in the classroom.

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As soon as you complete your registration in Yowza, you will receive a link to access the classes on the platform, and in the first month, you will already receive your first credits to schedule your conversation classes.

Remember that credits are not cumulative, so classes must be scheduled weekly to ensure consistency in your conversational progress and make the most of each class.

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Each student will go through a leveling process to get the most out of the classes. But don’t worry, you won’t be evaluated!

For individual classes, this moment happens during the first class. For group classes, leveling is theoretical, and you can locate it within the platform.

Important: The level of conversation is different from the level of understanding and knowledge of the language! To establish the conversation level, a series of factors are taken into account. We will find the best level for you to reach your highest potential within the language.

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