Who is your mother? Who is your sister? Who is your dad? In this episode, you will learn how to talk about your family using the words, “my”, “his”, “her”, “that”, “those”, “yours” and “mine”. Have fun with this lesson by Taylah Martin, teacher from Fluency Academy!

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed listening to Walk n Talk Essentials, “This is My Family”. For extra support, you’re welcome to read the dialogue here. Also if you scroll down further, you will find more cool sentences to practice! Enjoy!


A: Do you want to see pictures of my family?
B: Yeah, of course! Who’s the baby?
A: That’s my daughter. Her name is Erika.

B: She’s cute. Who are the other people in that picture?
A: Those are my parents.

B: And who’s that?
A: That’s my husband Robert and that’s his brother Jeff.
B: Ok, and who are they?
A: That’s my sister Jessica and her son Tommy.
B: Those are nice pictures. Do you want to see mine?
A: Sure! Show me yours!

Vocabulary Expansion:

My and Mine:
Use “my” or “mine” when something belongs to you.

My mom is Stephanie.
Stephanie is my mom.
That is my pencil.
That pencil is mine.

Her and His:
Use “her” to refer to something that is owned by a feminine person.

Her son is tall.
That is her son.

Use “his” to refer to something that is owned by a masculine person.

His hair is quite long.
That car is his.

Your and Yours:
Use “your” and “yours” to refer to something or someone that belongs to someone to whom you’re directly speaking.

Is that your bag?
That bag is yours, right?

That and Those:
Use “that” when pointing to one thing or person.

That is my mom.
That bag is his.

Use “those” when pointing to many things or people.

Those dogs are both mine.
Those are my sisters.