Do you have any pets? Well, Sasha, a super cute dog. Listen to the dialogue between Sasha’s owner, Derek, and someone he met in the park, Justin. In the dialogue for today, they ask each other questions with wh-words like “what” and “how old” as well as yes/no questions using “do”. Have fun with this lesson by Taylah Martin, teacher from Fluency Academy!

Hi! Did you enjoy this episode of  Walk n Talk Essentials, “Meet Sasha, the Dog”? Now check out the written version of the conversation between Derek and Justin, then practice more example sentences below. Have fun!


A: What a beautiful dog! What’s the breed?
B: Oh, thank you! It’s a pitbull!
A: He looks adorable! What’s his name?
B: Actually it’s a girl. Her name is Sasha.
A: [talking to the dog] Hi Sasha! [back to the person] How old is she?
B: She is basically a puppy, she’s only 8 months old.
A: Do you guys come here often?
B: Yeah, I take Sasha for a walk here every day. Do you have any pets?
A: No, but I would love to have a dog!
B: Yeah, they are the best companions!


We use “what” to ask for information about people, animals or things:

What is the breed?
What is her name?
What is your name?

How old
We use “how old” in questions about the number of years in someone’s age:

How old are you?
How old is she?
How old is your mom?

“Do” is usually used to make questions and it comes at the beginning of a sentence. We use it with the subjects “I”, “we”, “you” and “they”.

Do you have any pets?
Do you like pizza?
Do they enjoy roller coasters?

We hope this content was helpful and that you enjoyed the episode! Don’t forget that you can listen to it as many times as you want and that the more you practice, the more confident you will feel. See you next time!