Welcome to another episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk! This time we are going to learn many useful sentences for you to use next time you are on the phone with a telemarketer. Enjoy this lesson by Adam, teacher from Fluency Academy!

The Dialogue:

A: Hello?
B: Good morning, who is speaking?
A: Who do you want to talk to?
B: Here’s Richard, from XYZ Networking Company. I have a very interesting offer for you!
A: Thank you, but I can’t talk right now.
B: Can I call you back later?
A: Umm, no, thank you, I’m not interested.
B: Alright, I hope you have a good day.
A: Same to you.

Expand your Vocabulary:

Can / Can’t
Can is used to express ability or to say that something is possible. It’s important to know we don’t add an ‘S’ in the third person (like other verbs) when using “can”. To create the negative of can, to express there is no ability, or to say that something is not possible, we add “not” to “can” to form cannot or use the contraction, can’t. Here are some examples:

He can speak Japanese.
I can’t believe you said that!
Can I go to the party, please?

To hope
We use “hope” when we want and expect something to happen. To hope for something is to look forward to it with desire and reasonable confidence. Look at some examples:

I hope to pass the exam.
I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.
She hopes to run a marathon next spring.

An offer is a proposal or bid to give or pay something that was offered. For example, an offer in a store is a specially low price for a specific product or something extra that you get if you buy a certain product. Check out some examples:

The original price was $3,000, but I’m open to offers.
This special offer is valid until the end of the month.
I’ll give you $50, and that’s my final offer.

We hope this content was helpful and that you enjoyed the episode! Don’t forget that you can listen to it as many times as you want and that the more you practice, the more confident you will feel. See you next time!