Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk! Have you ever needed medicine and gone to the pharmacy to find it? Many of us have. Listen to today’s episode to understand what pharmacists say to suggest medicines and ways you can properly ask for advice. Enjoy this lesson by Taylah, teacher from Fluency Academy!

The Dialogue:

A: May I help you?
B: Yes, please. I need something for sore muscles.
A: You should take Ibuprofen.
B: Ok. I also need something for blisters.
A: We have special plasters for blisters.
B: Ok, give me 20 of those.
A: Why do you need so many?
B: I started taking dance classes!

Expand your Vocabulary

May I help you?

How can I help you?
Do you need help with anything?
Are you looking for something in particular?

I need something for sore muscles.

I would like something for sore muscles.
I’m looking for something for sore muscles.
Do you have something for sore muscles?

You should take ibuprofen.

I would recommend ibuprofen.
I would suggest you take ibuprofen.
Ibuprofen might be a good solution for you.

We have special plasters for blisters.

We have ointment for burns.
We have bandages for cuts.
We have pills for headaches.