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Sejam bem-vindos e bem-vindas a mais um episódio da nossa série de podcasts, o Fluency News! Aqui você vai treinar a sua escuta e ficar por dentro do que está acontecendo no mundo, sempre com as principais notícias da semana, tudo em inglês! Ao longo do episódio, nós também adicionamos explicações em português das coisas que achamos que precisam de mais atenção, assim você não perde nenhum detalhe!

Neste episódio falamos sobre as novidades no mundo de filmes e séries com Stranger Things, Thor e Missão Impossível, uma floresta encontrada na China, a varíola de macaco, Monkeypox, e, finalmente, CS:GO no Rio de Janeiro em novembro.

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Toda semana, temos um novo episódio do Fluency News, não deixe de escutar! See you!

Transcrição do episódio

Hey, peeps! E aí, galera! Welcome back to Fluency News – o podcast da Fluency Academy que ajuda você a treinar o seu listening enquanto te prepara para ser um cidadão do mundo! I’m Scott, one of your English teachers here at Fluency Academy and I think it’s fantastic that you took some time out of your day to work on your English with me! What about developing your English skills while being an informed citizen of the world? Stay with me till the end, cause along with the hottest news, we will have some explanations in Portuguese!

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Well, now let’s get the ball rolling!

This last week was huge for pop culture fans! So we’re going to start today’s episode talking about beloved names such as Stranger Things, Thor, Mission Impossible and… Top Gun?

Yes, after three long years, it’s time to go back to the city of Hawkins and see what the kids are up to in the universe of Stranger Things, but they might not be kids anymore! The new trailer for one of Netflix’s most successful shows is just over a minute long and doesn’t reveal much about the story, but does show us a glimpse of how intense the new season is going to be and of how much the kids have grown.

Another thing that caught the attention of the public was the revelation that the season is going to be divided into two volumes, the first one consisting of seven episodes, and the second of just two. All the episodes will be more than one hour long and the season finale will have a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes! Longer than many movies available on the streaming service.

From a different studio altogether we have Marvel dropping one more trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, and fans couldn’t help but notice the intense He-man and She-ra influence, adding to the genre appropriation that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been successfully achieving over the last fourteen years.

And last but not least, you may be able to catch the sequel to the 1986 classic Top Gun, if you go to the movies this week! The movie came out on May 24th in Brazilian cinemas, along with the trailer for the new Mission Impossible and its many crazy stunts. Critics are saying that the Top Gun sequel is one of if not the best performance in Tom Cruise’s career.

Eu não sei você, mas eu fiquei com vontade de ir ao cinema depois dessa notícia! Bom, aqui a gente tem uma daquelas expressões cuja tradução literal não ajuda muito no entendimento. “I couldn’t help” pode parecer “eu não pude ajudar”, mas na verdade o sentido é de “eu não pude evitar” ou “não pude deixar de…”, estranho né? Então, se eu digo “I couldn’t help but notice” estou dizendo o equivalente a “eu não pude deixar de ‘notar’ ou ‘perceber’”, então quando o texto diz que “fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities” o sentido é de que os fãs “não puderam deixar de perceber as similaridades”.

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Moving on to the second headline we have some shocking news but in a good way: Ancient forest found at bottom of huge sinkhole in China.

Antes da gente começar a próxima notícia, deixa eu te lembrar dos nossos outros podcasts! Não deixe de conferir pois a gente fez com muito carinho pra você conseguir inserir o inglês no seu cotidiano. E olha que legal: tem episódio novo toda a semana! Além do Fluency News, que vem fresquinho toda terça-feira, tem Culture Talks toda quarta-feira! Quer focar em pronúncia, vocabulário, expressões ou business? Te esperamos sexta-feira com Pronunciation Bootcamp, Infinite Vocab, Like a Native ou Go Getter!

How awesome is that? Now, back to business… Last week, explorers reported finding a primitive forest at the bottom of a giant sinkhole in China, with trees up to 40 meters tall.

The cave explorers in southern China alerted scientists when they found the sinkhole, which is one among 30 sinkholes in the county. The sinkhole is the largest in the area, being 306 meters long, 150 meters wide and 192 meters deep, yes, a hole in the ground with a depth of 192 meters.

Scientists walked for hours to reach the base of the sinkhole. Chen, who led the expedition team, said “I wouldn’t be surprised to know that there are species found in these caves that have never been reported or described by science until now”.

The landscape in the area is formed primarily by the dissolution of bedrock by groundwater, this means dramatic sinkholes and caves are created. This one is rare, however, because it is deep but shaped in a way that light filters in, so large trees can grow.

Bom, você deve estar se perguntando o que é uma “sinkhole”, né? A tradução literal seria “dolina”, que é um buraco em um chão de pedra, mas é um buraco causado pela erosão da água. Então nessa área citada na notícia, o chão é de pedra e é cheio dessas depressões, cavernas, grutas e etc. Outra palavra interessante aqui que aparece bastante no cotidiano é “depth”, que se escreve d-e-p-t-h e quer dizer profundidade! “Depth”. Sim, a pronúncia é meio chatinha de início mas se torna bem tranquila com a prática.

Moving on to our final headlines: What is monkeypox, its symptoms, and threat to you?

A very rare disease called monkeypox, the less severe cousin of smallpox is spreading around the world. Over 250 cases have been reported in at least 16 countries, according to the World Health Organization.

Monkeypox is endemic near tropical rainforests in central and west Africa, but it is now popping up near urban areas, according to WHO. “This disease is not unknown, it’s very well described,” one WHO collaborator told reporters. “The risk for the general public, appears to be low,”

There is an incubation period of some seven to 14 days, and initial symptoms are similar to the flu, including fever, chills, exhaustion, headache and muscle weakness, followed by swelling in the lymph nodes, a sign that the body is fighting the infection.

Followed by a widespread rash on the face and body, including inside the mouth and on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The painful, raised poxes are pearly and fluid-filled, often surrounded by red circles. The lesions finally scab over and resolve over a period of two to three weeks.

Pop up” é um phrasal verb bem casual que descreve algo que surge ou aparece de maneira inesperada. Então quando dizem que essa doença, muito parecida com a “smallpox” (catapora), “is popping up near urban areas”, a ideia é de que ela “está aparecendo/surgindo perto de centros urbanos”. Sendo assim, para falar que “surgiu um imprevisto” você pode dizer simplesmente “something popped up”. Os phrasal verb “come up” ou “spring up” também expressam essa mesma ideia.

Many gamers will be over the moon! International Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championship in Brazil for the first time, with a Grand Prize of 1 Million dollars.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, was released in August 2012 as a sequel to the original Counter-Strike. More than 11 years since its release, it is still the most played online first-person shooter game online, with almost 600,000 monthly players.

The popularity of this game is such that it gathers thousands of players for global competitions every year, in the run for huge money prizes. And yes, it is finally Brazil’s turn to host the championship. It will also be the first time the event will happen in South America! The matches will take place from the 10th to the 13th of November this year, but unfortunately, my friend, if you haven’t bought your tickets, they’re already sold out. That was fast!

Brazilian players have won the championship twice and the country is home to some of the most numerous and most passionate supporters in the world. Having the event in Brazil has long been a dream, one which almost came true in 2020, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Você já notou que no inglês, podemos expressar o mesmo significado de muitas maneiras diferentes? Aqui na reportagem, temos um exemplo clássico disso. A frase idiomática “take place” quer dizer “acontecer/ocorrer”, então sim, podemos usar “take place” no lugar do verbo “happen” e no lugar do verbo “occur”, diria até que ele é mais comum, por ser mais casual! Sendo assim, a frase “the matches will take place in November” significa “as partidas vão ocorrer em novembro!”

And with that story, we’re ending today’s episode, guys. There’s a new episode of Fluency News every week, so don’t forget to keep an eye out to stay informed about what’s happening.

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I’ll see you next week, take care. Bye!

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