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Welcome to another episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up, our all English podcast!

Neste episódio, nós vamos escutar a Lisa falar sobre algo que a deixou com muita raiva.

Não se esqueça de repetir os exemplos, em voz alta, com a teacher Liv, para praticar bem a pronúncia e confira o material extra que preparamos para você aqui abaixo!

Nos vemos na próxima semana, see you! Have an awesome week!

Vocabulary Expansion

In this episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up, you learned some new vocabulary and new expressions! You can continue studying here by checking out the dialogue, the expressions with written explanations, and repeating all the sentences!

Joe: You look terrible, Lisa. Are you ok?
Lisa: I’ve got a mirror at home, Joe. But thanks for reminding me!
Joe: Phew, why are you in such a bad mood?
Lisa: Well, I went to the bank because I couldn’t make any transactions with my phone.
Joe: Ah, and could you fix it?
Lisa: Yes, but it took them over 3 hours to get it fixed. Banks are the worst!
Joe: Boy!! But you could’ve fixed it by yourself if you had gone to an ATM instead.
Lisa: Don’t give me that!

Vocabulary and Grammar

Have got

“Have got” is a structure of the Present Perfect verb tense, but it’s used in the Present as an alternative to “have”. For some reason, the longer version is more used, even and perhaps more in informal settings.

I have a bike.
I have got a bike.

She has two children.
She has got two children.

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I don’t have a car.
I haven’t got a car.

Do you have any money?
Have you got any money?


“Could” is a modal verb, which means that it’s used to alter the meaning of the verb that follows. It can be used to make polite and formal requests, to express a past ability or to say that something may or may not happen, a future possibility.

I could go with you.
I couldn’t go with you.
Could I go with you?
My dad could speak German when he was a kid.
I could do a backflip, but now I can’t anymore.
I couldn’t ride a bike until I was 14.
We couldn’t get a good price on the car.
Could you open the door for me?
Could you take my shift?
Could you get me a glass of water, please?
Could I get you anything else?
We could have a picnic!
They could help us.
Someday I could be rich.
I could be an architect if I went to university.

Listen to this episode as many times as you wish, and follow it up with this paper. That way, you’ll be able to memorize all the expressions you’ve learned! You’ll also be able to use them in conversations in the future. And remember, the more contact you have with the English language, the better. So make sure you don’t miss out on our next episode!