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Welcome to another episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up, our all-English podcast series! No diálogo de hoje, o Richard quer ajudar sua amiga Jane com o momento que ela está vivendo. Venha ver o que está acontecendo com ela!
Não deixe de falar todas as frases em voz alta, junto com a teacher Becs, para praticar bem a sua pronúncia e se tornar cada vez mais confiante com o seu inglês. E não deixe de aproveitar o material extra que preparamos para você, está aqui embaixo!

Nós nos vemos na próxima! See you next time!

Vocabulary Expansion

In this episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up you got to practice your pronunciation and learn some new expressions. You can continue your study session here, by reading the dialogue and checking out the written explanations with examples!


Richard: You look a little off. What’s wrong?
Jane: I’ve been a wreck lately. I’ve got so much to do and I feel like I never have time.
Richard: What are you talking about?
Jane: There’s so much to do from work, so many college papers, I haven’t done the laundry in a while and I can’t even find time to go grocery shopping.
Richard: You know what? If I were in your shoes, I would set my priorities.
Jane: That’s easier said than done. What do you suggest that I do?
I think you’ve got too much on your plate. I suggest that you go easier on yourself.

New expressions and Vocabulary!

A wreck is something that is ruined or destroyed, it can refer to spaces and objects, or to a strong feeling and state of being. Check out some possible uses:

The tornado left a huge wreck in the middle of the avenue.
I saw a car
wreck on the way, but nobody was hurt.
Luke is a
wreck every night because he has been working 10 hours a day.

This word is used to describe everything that has to do with the act of buying things for the house, including food and other needs. Even the place you go to buy those things is called a grocery store! Check out some other possible uses:

Can you help me with the grocery bags? They are in the car.
I made a
grocery list, could you check if I forgot anything?
We usually go
grocery shopping on Sundays because it’s our day off.
grocery store is closed tomorrow, we have to go today.

To go easy on
This expression describes treating someone kindly or without too many expectations. It is used in different ways, including in sports or competitions, when you let the other person win or you don’t try too hard against them.

Tell Tim to go easy on John, it’s the first time he is playing!
go easy on you during the first set, but I’m playing for real after that.
We know that Patricia made a mistake, so we decided to
go easy on her.

In your shoes
You may have noticed that there are several different ways to make suggestions in English, and one of them is this expression, which is simply a way to introduce what you would do in the other person’s place, in a position or situation:

I would never forgive him in your shoes, but it’s your decision.
If you were
in my shoes, I’m sure you would make the most of this opportunity.
What would you do if you were
in my shoes?

Remember that you can listen to this episode as many times as you wish! You can also read along, and enjoy this extra content. That way, you’ll be able to understand these new structures and use them in conversations in the future. Keep in mind that the more daily contact you have with the English language, the better you’ll get, so make sure you’re here for our next episode!

See you next time!