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Welcome to Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up! O episódio de hoje está cheio de expressões interessantes! Duas amigas estão conversando sobre uma colega do ensino médio… Parece que tem um babado aí nessa história! Hora de expandir seu vocabulário! Let’s go!


Tina: Hey, Andrea, what’s new?
: Haven’t you heard? I’ve got some juicy news.
: Really? C’mon, girl, spit it out!
: But you gotta promise you won’t breathe a word of it to anyone.
: You know I can keep a secret. Cross my heart.
: OK… You know Kendra from High School, right?
: Sure, what’s with her?
: She met a guy from Germany last month and now she’s moving there to live with him.
: Shut up! That sounds crazy! Well, I guess if she’s happy, I’m happy for her.

New expressions

Spit it out!

This expression is used when you want someone to say something or to confess something quickly.

She says she has something to say but she won’t spit it out.
OMG, what is it?? Spit it out already!

Breathe a word

To breathe a word or to say a word is to reveal a secret. We generally use it in negative sentences like:

Do not breathe a word about it!
I promise I won’t breathe a word.

Cross my heart

This is a very nice expression to use when you want to say “I swear!” or “I swear to God”. This is actually a short version of “cross my heart and hope to die”. We have a very cool One Minute Tip explaining this. And if you’re into music, there’s a song by Maroon5 where you can hear this expression: One more night.

Antes de continuar a leitura, confira:

Estamos ao vivo!

Aprenda com Paula Gabriela

Aprenda inglês de um jeito divertido!

Participar do evento

I didn’t do it – I cross my heart and hope to die!
I don’t know who stole your watch – cross my heart.

Shut up!

You’re probably thinking “wait a minute… isn’t ‘shut up’ a very impolite way of asking someone to stay quiet?” You’re right. It is. But we also use this expression to demonstrate we are surprised with the information we’ve just heard.

What? Shut up! You’re messing with me!

Helen is buying a beach house!
Shut up!! I can’t believe it!

I hope the Level Up episode and this article have helped you improve your English! Don’t forget we have weekly episodes and you can practice as many times as you want. See you next time! Take care!