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Welcome to another episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up, our all English podcast!

No diálogo de hoje, nós vamos escutar dois amigos conversando sobre um evento esportivo e quem está participando nele!

Não se esqueça de repetir os exemplos, em voz alta, com a teacher Liv, para praticar bem a pronúncia, e confira o material extra que preparamos para você aqui abaixo!

Nos vemos na próxima semana, see you! Have an awesome week!

Vocabulary Expansion

In this episode of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up you learned some new vocabulary and new expressions! You can continue studying here by checking out the dialogue, the expressions with written explanations, and repeating all the sentences!


Larry: Ready for today’s game?
Scott: Basketball, baseball, tennis… ?
Are you for real? Today’s Super Bowl Sunday!
Scott: Oh, right! Sorry, but
I’m not that into American Football. Who’s playing?
Larry: Kansas City against San Francisco. I bet 200 bucks on Kansas.
Scott: Well, then. I guess I’ll be rooting for them as well.
Larry: You know it! You can watch the game with us. Lori is making nachos.
Now you’re talking! Lori’s nachos are simply the best.

New expressions and Vocabulary!

Are you for real?

A way of asking someone if they are serious or telling the truth. See some variations of it.

You don’t know who Taylor Swift is? Are you for real?
You don’t like chocolate?
Are you serious?
They didn’t give you a raise?
You didn’t eat all day?

I’m not that into…

A way of saying you are not a big fan of something or someone.

Antes de continuar a leitura, confira:

Estamos ao vivo!

Aprenda com Rhavi Carneiro

Destrave seu inglês

Participar do evento

I’m not that into country music.
She’s not into
horror movies.
We’re not fans of
spicy food.
I’m not big on

Now you’re talking!

A way of agreeing with someone, saying that they’ve said something you are excited about. Used to say that someone has said or suggested something that one thinks is good, worth doing, or that is better than the previous option or suggestion.

Burgers for dinner? Now you’re talking!
A big promotion?
Now you’re talking!
Feel like going out for drinks?
Now you’re talking!
Here’s the money.
Now you’re talking.

Listen to this episode as many times as you wish, and follow it up with this paper. That way, you’ll be able to memorize all the expressions you’ve learned! You’ll also be able to use them in conversations in the future. And remember, the more contact you have with the English language, the better. So make sure you don’t miss out on our next episode!